To become a people who receive the ways of Jesus as our way of life, for the sake of His glory and for the sake of the world.

A covenant is a relationship built upon unconditional promises. God’s covenant, through Jesus, compels us to love God and love our neighbors.

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Because God calls us to be a family, and none of us can do that on our own, we are committed to rhythms of Gathering: gathering for worship, gathering to invest in relationships and in becoming family, and gathering to engage in mission together


Because God welcomes all of us unconditionally through Jesus, we are committed to a posture of Welcoming: welcoming God’s will in our lives, welcoming one another in all our diversity – in ways that honor and value our differences while being open to being changed by one another, and also welcoming people who are not yet part of this church family.


Because God listens to us, we are committed to disciplines of Listening: listening to God through prayer and careful attention to scripture, listening to one another, and also listening to our communities.


Because God makes a complete self-offering to us in Jesus, we are committed to practices of Offering: offering every part of our lives back to God as acts of worship, and offering our trust and time, our energy and passion, and our material resources to one another and to our communities.



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